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Talkin' about Shaft

BMF: A Cat Named Shaft, A Man Called Tidyman
Insightful article by Raymond Embrack discussing the movies, the TV show and the books

Thrilling Detective's overview of Shaft
The movies, books and comics

The Shaft Books
(One was called “Shaft Has A Ball”)

Shaft and the Ghosts of Ernest Tidyman
Steve Aldous discusses the creation of the Shaft books

The late Roger Ebert's 1971 review of Shaft

Shaft fan websites

Shaft Sounds

Think Shaft


Blue sky

YouTube video: The Theme From Shaft played on an igil, a Tuvan bowed instrument

IMDb's Shaft

IMDb's Shaft's Big Score!

IMDb's Shaft in Africa

IMDb's Richard Roundtree page

Pimp links
Pimp War


Lots of other links appear throughout the text of 20 Inches, especially on the Classic Shaft and Blaxploitation pages.