20 inches of credits

John Shaft looking for a duck.
If there's one thing Harvard Blue knows, it's domestic cats.

Stay loose, baby.

This website was created in 1996 by Jason Towers, for fun. He grabbed the sounds and 99% of the screenshots, and photoshopped the images where applicable. Click the Twitter link or email jason at jasontowers dot com.

1996 was early days for the internet. Back then it was common for websites to be collections of links and smalltime downloads, including fuzzy MP3 files.

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Thanks to Jason Rooimans for two of the Shaft in Africa MP3 sound grabs, and to Bernie C for his much-missed Shaft tribute site.

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If you've read this far, you deserve a hidden sound file or something. Click here to hear a pimp from Truck Turner (see the Blaxploitation page) say, “we're in the business of runnin' hos.” I take this opportunity to call you a jive-ass pimp, and hope you'll return the favour.

Photo by Margaret Bourke-White.